How to stop Kratom Ban?


The hottest news ever in the history of Kratom is FDA proposing a ban on Kratom. There are least chances for anyone to not know about it due to the high media coverage. If you have not seen newspapers, then check them to know how is Kratom undergoing the new allegations, suggesting its ban.

In last few months, this anti-Kratom campaign has initiated in multiple US states. To our surprise, almost nearly local papers are full of catchy headlines portraying Kratom as a poisonous fatal herb. Kratom is not new in the US, but Kratom to cause a user’s death is surprising news.

If you are already following the news, there is one thing that probably no one has noticed. Kratom is being linked with these causalities as a leading cause of death. However, what this news doesn’t tell you is that Kratom not alone who killed these people.

The medical examination reports mentioned the traces of other harmful compounds in the deceased person’s bodies. It is surprising that solely Kratom is getting this blame and is under a rage.

Don’t you think that FDA’s war on Kratom has no clear standings?

Before going any further, let’s look at Kratom and its war with FDA.

The ongoing war on Kratom by FDA

The whole Kratom community in the USA is outraged on the new ban on Kratom products. Three years ago, there was a similar ban suggested on Kratom.

At that time more than hundred thousand of individuals signed a White House petition and saved Kratom from the ban. Interestingly, a bi-partisan group having 60+ members of Congress in it also wrote a letter to DEA on the subject of Kratom ban in the USA. 

This time, a proposition to ban Kratom is in the news again, and thousands of people are protesting it.  How do you think this ban started?

As far as we can remember, first when this suggestion started to circulate was when FDA took action on two local Kratom vendors.

Allegedly these vendors were selling Kratom with misleading and unproven scientific claims. Due to which, FDA refused to consider Kratom as an herb of medicinal powers.

 Now when all know that media plays a huge part in developing a public opinion. All this negative reporting on Kratom cannot bring any good to it. At worst, it will manipulate the general public opinion on Kratom. FDA regards this as a matter of public awareness that everyone must know how Kratom will damage his or her health.

Unfortunately, this manipulation seems to work, as the Internet is full of shady Kratom sellers, promoting Kratom as a wondrous herb. FDA is right here that Kratom vendors are just saying anything to promote their products.

The prime target here is the newbies. Now what happens is, when a new user reads these claims on any site, and then he is exposed to the recent Kratom news, he starts doubting Kratom. This is precisely how a negative hype of Kratom is helping to FDA win this battle on Kratom.

The news sources have wholly ignored the benefits of Kratom, and incomplete news reporting is at its peak. This is the tool that is used to change public opinion on Kratom. You know what the good news is? There are still chances that we can fight and win this ban.

Next, in this article, we will discuss how can we save Kratom from the ban. Remember that FDA does not want people to look towards Kratom’s healing benefits.

So, the foremost thing to do here is to educate the world and try to reduce Kratom ignorance.

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